The program

MAAM is a digital program that companies buy to transform the parental experience of their employees in an opportunity to develop soft skills that are key for productivity and success. New mothers and new fathers, by accessing the platform (before during and after parental leave), develop relational, organisational and innovation skills and go back to work feeling stronger and being more connected to each other. This way, companies leave the “work life balance” era and enter the “work life synergy era”, where their pool of talents and resources gets broadened thanks to a “Life based learning” model. More women will get back into the workforce after maternity leave, and they will be stronger: contribute more actively to the economy and the society and have an easier work-life balance.

The problem

Traditionally, maternity leave is seen as a necessary yet often problematic absence, where a working woman interrupts her training schedules, intellectual activities and workrelated tasks, with the risk of feeling completely disconnected from the workplace.

These dynamics may undermine the moment in which the woman returns to work after giving birth: she may feel demotivated, and unrecognised, with the risk of working below her potential.

The solution

MAAM radically changes the message. The new mother can now experience maternity leave as a moment that is fully recognised by her employers and considered useful from a professional point of view, as she develops more skills and enriches her whole identity.

The company stays at the employee’s side and gives her a strong message: she is fully valued as a whole being, and her maternity leave is seen as a proper “masters” experience. Her life has changed for the better: complexity has increased, and her capacity to deal with it has grown as well.

With MAAM, women will go back to work stronger than ever. They will be more motivated and ready to fully exploit the potential that comes from their increased capacity to care: at work and in their lives.


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