The workshops

There is a new kind of leadership growing in our hearts and minds.

It’s a natural leadership. It creates leaders who make other people grow. Women are the critical mass which is making it possible, but men are quickly starting to participate, as this is the leadership that can make a difference in our economy and society.

Its best example? Motherhood and every other experience of care. Real life experiences which train us every day in listening, empowering, motivating and, above all, generating: projects, people and realities stronger than ourselves. 1100 women who participated in our survey told us that motherhood improved their ability to listen, their time management and the overall energy they have in life.

Why are we still wasting all this potential?


Join the natural evolution of leadership through these 4 workshops


The new generative leadership: forming leaders who can help others grow

The seminar’s goal is to give managers training in a new type of leadership. We call it “generative leadership” and its main feature is that it allows to fully empower every person in the team thanks to the focus on “care”. By breaking anti-empowering stereotypes, this training aims not only at liberating the potential for innovation that is present in each and every one of us, but also at improving the effectiveness in relationships and the care for one’s own clients, both internal and external ones.


Breaking Stereotypes: increasing innovation, improving team dynamics, enhancing existing resources

Working on the breaking of stereotypes on the workplace liberates new energies that had so far been kept silent. Breaking stereotypes encourages product and process innovation mechanisms, drawing from the inherent potential derived from people’s natural diversity (age, sex, cultural, educational and functional backgrounds). To become free from stereotypes means to work on one’s own talents and to put one’s individual potential at work to improve team dynamics.


From the family to the workplace: enhanced productivity, better focus, more skills for listening and relating to others

The goal is that of improving productivity, enhancing focus, and sharpening the capacity to “be present” and listen to what other people have to say; all this, while diminishing the level of fatigue. This happens through, first, the discovery of transilience from everyday life to the workplace, and, second, through the full use of role accumulation effects. Participants will be able to recognize and exploit the key competences that have been enhanced by the experience of parenting and, more generally, of care. These skills are capacity for listening, empathy, understanding of the context, capacity to involve, motivate and provide feedback, clarity in communications, problem solving, time and priorities management.


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